Last autumn Incorp[her]ated and Champs hosted Studio Next with four student designers and told them to make their mark on the industry by creating the product that they wanted to see: Walk With. Grounded in nature with a mission to uplift, ‘Walk With’ encourages us all to support our emotional selves in order to be our best selves. Paying homage to NYC's outdoor spaces outfitted with comforting textures, it's built for every day.

The suede upper promotes comfort, complementing the shoe’s earth-toned colorway represents soil, water, and grass – key elements reflective of the grounded inspiration behind the drop. The embroidered sprout on the heel is a reminder that each step is an opportunity to grow.

It's up to you to define what you need to be your most grounded - be it confidence, patience, determination, compassion or whatever you need to walk with that day. Living at the intersection of nature and mental wellness, it's a call to action for us all to tend to our emotional needs and give ourselves what we need to flourish.

‘Walk With’ leaves it up to the wearer to define what they need to grow forward one step at a time.