The Competition

99 Products and the TFA Reinvention Lab are teaming up to put on a 6-week design competition: Can you put together a color story of 99’s Point sneaker that embodies your organization? Each participating organization will get a batch of the winning colorway. In addition to the shoes, we will showcase the competition, the organizations, and the entire process. From start to finish.

Running Towards the Future of Learning

The purpose of this collaboration is to amplify ideas about how learning can happen that are radically different from how we currently think about school. With this competition, we can continue to push thinking about what is possible in the future of learning while highlighting those who are out in front and doing the work. That's you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did my Illustrator file just save to? What did Sara say about Street Style? How can I scan this sketch into my Google Slides? We know this process is new and we're sure you'll have questions. From our session recordings to short tutorials, we'll try and provide you with some answers.