The NOMADS story is simple. We want to take a magical carpet ride into the minds and lives of some of the most interesting people on the planet. We want to climb into their suitcases and glide through their never ending adventures into the magical, mystical, moments of their lives. We want to eat, feel, laugh and cry, too. We want our minds to piggyback on their souls as they lead us down those dimly lit passageways, the dusty back roads, and the lobster  infested dinner tables. We want to dive into their infinity pool of creation, back stories, folklore, and long lost loves. We want to remember their uncivilized behavior, relish in their afterglow, kiss the lips of their childhood memories, and jump into their greatest desires. We want to feel what they feel, hear the sounds of the much too loud background, and be blinded by the light of their smiles. We want to be exhausted by their highs, and smitten by the comeback from their lows. It is the creative life that we want, in all its glorious, brilliant, intriguing and beguiling ways. We want the adventure of touring the slippery slope of love, compassion, faith, and healing. And we’re crazy enough to want to share it all with YOU.