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When we lived in Tokyo, we experienced tsunami season. In Portland, it was constantly raining. So we've been preparing for weather for nearly two decades. But commuting in New York City has added complications. The dirt. The grime. The abuse. The pushing. The shoving.

And it gets worse when we leave our room.

The SAM was designed to be slick and protective. Not the oversized backpack for carrying textbooks or scaling Mt. Everest.  We needed something to and from practice. We just wanted to carry our laptop and an extra pair of sneaks.

SAM, The Welded Backpack.

  • Seamsealed, weatherproof body
  • Laptop/Macbook padded pocket
  • Exterior seamseal pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap

We figured if we liked the bag, so would a few of our friends. We had them wear test it and give us feedback. For the next four years they've sent us pictures and feedback. We hope you'll grab one of these and do the same.

Good things.